For the status of other National System Nodes check the Wellington VHF Group website.

WaiPlenty Network - Te Weraiti Node
- 16 December 2022
Performance of Te Weraiti '695 is lowered by site antenna issues which are beyond our control. Improvement anticipated summer 2023. The WaiPlenty Network remains linked across all four repeaters

WaiPlenty Network - Te Weraiti Node -
11 August 2022
Te Weraiti '695 is off the air until further notice, due to issues on that site which are beyond our control. In the meantime, our WaiPlenty network will likely remain split: Waihi North '5475 as stand-alone, and Te Uku '5675 plus Maungakawa '5575 linked.

WaiPlenty Network -
2 May 2022
The issues with the link between Te Weraiti '695 and Te Uku '5675, have been resolved.

Kaimai National System Node
- 26 April 2022
The National System Node at Kaimai on 434.850 MHz has now been thoroughly checked and tested and all appears to be OK.

Kaimai National System Node
- 18 April 2022
We are experiencing poor coverage from the Kaimai node at present, which is also affecting the link between there and Maroanui (Taupo).

WaiPlenty Network -
12 April 2022
There are issues with the link between Te Uku '5675 and TeWeraiti '695 - Investigations have narrowed the problem to be at Te Weraiti with the Te Uku facing link antenna system there. This is causing the link to drop out at times, mainly in the mornings.

Hamilton Node - National System - 31 March 2022
This equipment has been repaired and is now operational, after being reinstalled on 30 March 2022.

Hamilton Node - National System -
19 February 2022
The Hamilton Node 439.925 MHz is off air at present due to a faulty transmitter. The transmitter is in the process of being repaired, but as yet we have no date as to when it will be operational again.

WaiPlenty Network - 20 November 2021
The Waihi North '5475 repeater was restored to service, after an extensive rebuild, due to the damage done by the rat droppings.

WaiPlenty Network
- 8 July 2021
The Waihi North '5475' repeater was removed from service on 3 July for repair in Hamilton. This was due to extensive rat damage.

WaiPlenty Network
- 2 April 2021
The '6950 repeater at Te Weraiti was restored to service on 1 April 2021. A cable had been left unplugged by others working on the site.

WaiPlenty Network -
31 March 2021
The ''6950 repeater at Te Weraiti is off aie at present due to some work activity on site. We are not sure at this point in time, how long it will be off.

WaiPlenty Network
- 15 December 2018
The '5675 repeater has now been conected to the rest of the network, with the installation of a new antenna feeder cable. Unfortunately we now find we have an issue at Maungakawa, which means Maungakawa is stand alone at the moment. It will be early in the New Year before this can be investigated.

Waiplenty Network - 22 November 2018
The '5675 repeater is back on the air, but is presently running as a stand-alone repeater (as is Maungakawa '5575 also for the time being) until our replacement feeder is installed, which we believe will happen before Christmas.

Waiplenty Network - 26 June 2018
The Waihi repeater on 145.475 MHz is now fully operational, after the battery and charger were replaced.

WaiPlenty Network -
6 May 2018
The Waihi repeater on 145.475 MHz is off the air due to a failure of the battery charger causing the battery to run down to 2vdc. A replacement charger and battery are required before it can be restored to service We hope this will happen as soon as possible.

WaiPlenty Network - 12 Jan 2017
A visit was made to Te Uku on Wednesday 11th January to see why all the equipment appeared to be off the air. On arrival the first thing that was noticed was that the whole Icom shelf containing the '5675 repeater and the link equipment facing Te Weraiti was missing.

All is being done to find out what has happened to the equipment. In the meantime, Te Uku is completely off the air. That includes ALL radio equipment and the IRLP access.  We do not have an estimate as to when Te Uku will be on air again, but it could be sometime.

WaiPlenty Network
- 5 Jan 2017
We have a problem with the network at Te Uku. It would appear that the power to the equipment has failed, causing '5675 and the associated equipment to be non-operational. The '5575 repeater at Maungakawa is operational, but is not linked to the rest of the network. '695 at Te Weraiti and '5475 at Waihi are fully operational.

IRLP System on WaiPlenty Network -
21 Mar 2016
There is a problem with access to the IRLP System at Te Uku and Maungakawa. The 4 digit access tones are not activating the system. Waihi North and Te Weraiti are accessing the IRLP System satisfactorily. We can not give a repair time as we still need to determine the problem.

Waihi North '5.475 MHz -
11 Feb 2016
Waihi North has a faulty transmitter at present. There is carrier but no modulation. We hope to have it repaired over the weekend of 20/21 February.

Klondyke Repeater Site -
6 Feb 2016
Both battery chargers have been replaced and all equipment is now working again.

Klondyke Repeater Site -
3 Feb 2016
A power surge or lightning strike at the Klondyke site on Monday 1st took out both battery chargers and the D-Star internet gateway computer. Will be on site Friday 5th to replace the battery chargers. In the meantime, the National System and local 6625 repeater may have to be shut down if the standby battery voltage drops too much. We will be advise if this has to be done.

National System - Kaimai 4850 - 13 January 2016
The transmitter at Kaimai was replaced this afternoon and tests proved it was working normally.

National System - Kaimai 4850 -
12 January 2016
There is a problem with the Kaimai transmitter at present, which causes the output power to drop right off after a short period of use. The problem is being investigated and we hope to have it fixed soon.

Klondyke Repeater Site
- 9 December 2015
The Klondyke National System site will have a series of power outages from 7.00am to 4.00pm on random days over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Tree logging along the power line route requires the overhead lines to be turned off.
If the outages are of greater duration, the site may have to be shut down.

IRLP Node on Te Uku 5675 - 9 July 2015
The IRLP node 6549 on Te Uku 5675, is now operational again.

IRLP Node on Te Uku 5675 -
7 July 2015
The IRLP node has been turned off due to a problem at Te Uku. We hope to have it going again by Sunday 12th July.

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