Waikato VHF Group AGM at Matamata on Sunday 22nd March 2015 - see more below



will be held in Hamilton

"Heart of the Waikato"

on Queen's Birthday Weekend 2015

29, 30 & 31 May

at the Te Rapa Conference and Function Centre, Te Rapa Racecourse, Ken Browne Drive, Te Rapa, Hamilton.

Further details will be available
HERE as they come to hand.



Click HERE for a list of hotel/motel accommodation.


was founded on 16 June 1963 by 10 amateurs, to serve the VHF needs of amateur radio operators in the region. The Group has progressed from that time to the present with virtually the same objectives in mind. The Group has a very comprehensive net work of both VHF and UHF repeaters located at several strategic sites that cover a major portion of the North Island of New Zealand.

The objectives of the Group are: Amongst others;

1. To support the aims and objectives of the NZART

2. To foster local interest in Amateur Radio, particularly at VHF and higher frequencies

3. To establish and operate amateur transmitting and repeater stations

Without doubt these aims and objectives are more than adequately being catered for by this dedicated Group of Amateur Radio Operators.

Further details on the history of the Waikato VHF Group can be found here.

We welcome your further enquiry.

Email: branch.81@nz

Sunday 26th October 'News and Net'

Ham Radio Balloon Keeps Going Around the World

Itís a great story about a balloon cruising at about 12km above the Earth completing its sixth circumnavigation of the planet. That post is from October 4th, and two weeks later the balloon is still going strong. Right now itís over the Baltic heading into Russia with no sign of stopping or popping any time soon.

The balloon was launched July 12, 2014 from Silverstone, UK. In the 100 days since then, this balloon has covered 144,168 kilometers and has crossed its launching longitude six times. Even if this balloon werenít trapped at high latitudes (including coming within 9 km of the pole), this balloon has still travelled more than three times the equatorial circumference of the Earth.

Details can be found HERE.

Website of the Month

VK3YE dot com

VK3YE is about amateur radio and practical electronics.

Check it out if you like building small radio transmitters and receivers, operating low power or transmitting from the great outdoors. Many articles and videos are for the radio beginner.


"Waihi North" Repeater

This new repeater, on '5475, was installed on Saturday 22 November 2014 and linked to the Te Weraiti site, to form an extension to the WaiPlenty 2m Network. Both repeater and link are fully operational.

From reports received it is working very well with coverage as far north as the top of the Tairua hill, west through the Waikino Gorge and east to Tauranga and Te Puke. Over time we should get a much better idea of coverage area. The repeater has also been worked from Rotorua and Hamilton by home stations.

The establishment of this new site has been made possible thanks to a very generous donation by Waihi, Branch 43. Thank you Waihi.

WaiPlenty Network

Just click on the image below to see a larger version and to read more ...

WaiPlenty Coverage

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It all started whenAchievments

Read an article on the first 2 metre beacon manufactured and installed by the Group, in 1972.

A copy of the 
constitution of the Group is now available for downloading.

See a
Slide Show featuring the Kordia National System sites.

For any repeater or equipment problems see
Waikato Rptrs & National System Status.

Any constructive comments, content or ideas for additional pages are welcome.


Join the Waikato VHF Group Net on Sunday evenings at 20.45 hrs local NZST
on either '6950 MHz, '5675 MHz, '5575 MHz or '5475 MHz repeaters, on the WaiPlenty Network,
or the IRLP reflector 9505.


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